Core services

Edge Planning & Property provide the following core services:

  • Subdivision design and preparing/managing subdivision applications
  • Preparation of scheme amendment (rezoning) documentation
  • Coordinate and manage planning/development applications
  • Statutory planning
  • Structure planning/master planning
  • Strategic planning
  • Preparation of local planning schemes and local planning strategies
  • Policy formulation and review
  • Preparing submissions
  • Wide ranging services to State and local government authorities



Additional services

Edge Planning & Property, generally in association with other consultancies, undertake services in the following:

  • Site evaluation, assessment of development/subdivision opportunities and due diligence
  • Project management
  • Urban design and preparing design guidelines
  • Natural resource management
  • Community consultation
  • Urban renewal

Consultant network

Subject to project or client requirements, Edge Planning & Property assemble, contract, manage and work with a network of consultants with complementary specialist skills.  We also work with the client’s chosen consultant team.

Edge Planning & Property work with professionals in a range of fields including engineering, environmental impact, natural resource management, facilitation, architecture, urban design and marketing/real estate.  Edge Planning & Property work collaboratively to combine skills and to deliver project outcomes where an integrated approach to planning and development is required.

Subdivision Guide Plan, Dardanup